Maximize Your Benefits

We want to remind you that if you have benefits remaining through your insurance provider for 2017, they may go to waste if not used by the end of the year. 2018 is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you use all of your benefits before you lose them! Additionally, if… Read More

What to Know about Tartar

Everyone knows regular brushing and flossing is essential to good oral health. It prevents cavities, keeps your breath fresh, and helps ward off periodontal disease. However, there’s another benefit to regular oral health care – the removal of tartar. Tartar is calcified plaque that attaches itself to the enamel of your teeth, and even below… Read More

What Foods Are Unhealthy for My Smile?

If you want a strong and healthy smile, then it’s best to keep up on oral hygiene and attend your six month checkups. However, there’s another thing our team recommends doing, and that’s having a healthy and balanced diet! In order to have a healthy and balanced diet, you will need to avoid eating the… Read More

Children’s Dentistry: Baby Teeth Facts

If you’re interested in knowing more about baby teeth, then Dr. and our team are more than happy to help you! We have all of the information you need so you can take great care of your child’s smile. Some facts we would like to share include: Fact No. 1: Baby teeth are vital for… Read More

Do You Know How to Care for Your New Night Guard?

Do you grind or clench your teeth? Do you have a night guard that fights the effects of teeth grinding? Your night guard should be one of your most treasured possessions because it keeps your teeth strong and healthy, which is why we encourage you to take proper care of your night guard. Your night… Read More

The History of Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a popular form of sedation dentistry that helps patients feel calm and comfortable during dental treatment. In the centuries since its discovery, nitrous oxide has been cultivated into a safe, effective solution to dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide was discovered in 1793 by English scientist and clergyman Joseph Priestley, the first known person… Read More

Seven Foods That Improve Your Oral Health

It’s common knowledge that nutrient-rich food improves your body’s health, but some foods help your oral health, too. If you’re cavity-prone, or just want a healthier smile, try incorporating these seven foods into your diet. 1. Apples Though higher in sugar than most healthy foods, apples are an excellent end to a meal or snack…. Read More

Oral Cancer and the Perks of Screening

You’ve probably heard that oral cancer is extremely dangerous. Similarly, you probably know that a few habits–such as smoking–can leave you more vulnerable to this issue. However, did you know that oral cancer can technically be anywhere in your mouth or even on your lips, tongue, or cheeks. Fortunately, there are a few things you… Read More

Exercise and Gum Disease

You’ve probably heard that leading an active health style is great for your heart and your body, but did you know that exercise can also benefit your teeth–especially if you stay hydrated. Did you know that the health of your body and your oral health are related? You see, if you have gum disease, your… Read More

Can Root Canals Be Prevented?

Do you avoid root canal therapy because you’ve heard how painful it is? If so, did you know that root canal therapy is actually about as uncomfortable as having a cavity filled? In fact, root canals are more comfortable than they’ve ever been, which is fortunate because ignoring a damaged root canal can lead to… Read More